There’s never been a better way to:

  • Increase online sales
  • Provide customer support
  • Reduce operating costs

˝All you need is Live Support˝


>>Help your online visitors find what they need, before they leave your site.

>>Add the human touch to your website.

>>Provide real-time problem resolution.

>>Deliver live help to visitors when they need it the most

>>Real time visitor tracking & hits analysis

>>100% web based! No software download or installation needed

>>Simply copy/paste HTML code to your webpages

Our awarding-winning Live Support service has a proven track record in helping companies increase sales and improve customer service.

  • Close sales with visitors who hesitate on product pages or in the shopping cart by inviting them to chat with a product specialist
  • Increase order values by cross-selling or upselling complementary products or accessories
  • Improve first contact resolution through hands-on assistance from a support representative

Visitors who chat are happier and more profitable than those who rely on self-service:

Typical Performance Metrics Across Live Support Clients

Metric   Results
Shopping Cart Conversion Rates   18-20% increase in conversion rate
Customer Satisfaction Rating   90% are very satisfied with interaction
Opt-in Email Rate   25% of chatters opt in to receive future communications

Increase Sales and Brand Loyalty

  • Answer product questions while visitors are still online
  • Suggest complementary products or corresponding accessories
  • Offer incentives-such as free shipping-to visitors who are sitting on the fence


  • Increase sales. Visitors who chat purchase at much higher rates than those who don't. Providing immediate answers to product questions eliminates barriers to purchasing.
  • Shorten the sales cycle. Retailers who probe visitors about their needs online are able to push relevant product information and answer questions immediately.
  • Increase customer loyalty . Build customer confidence and trust by showing them that a live agent is just a click away.

Live Support comes in bundle with VSTATS

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>>Just copy/paste HTML code.

>>You do not need a server.

>>No bandwidth or overhead.

>>No software setup needed.

>>We handle all tech issues.

>>We will upgrade your system.

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