VRATING - Safe Internet Content Rating system

The general goal of our rating system

>>Protect users from unwanted material.

>>Let Internet users decide how suitable
     is your site content for children and/or adults.

>>Create a trust relationship between your site and your users.

The biggest advantage is the increased "coverage" of websites.
Websites with objectionable content are not likely to be listed in public web directories (especially true for illegal websites) but should definitely be included in the test corpus.
VRATING S.I.C.R, an user based rating system because no regulatory jurisdiction can impose a rating system on content outside of its control, e.g. material from another country, and criminal content providers are unlikely to care for content rating at all.
Collection of real-world data also results in a better reflection of actual user behaviour and increases the chance to catch newly created websites, which are not yet listed in a web directory.

As soon as possible we will publish a "searchable catalog" with all the sites that will apply to our rating system and the rating information collected by the Internet users.

Introduction to the problems of Internet censorship

The Internet and world wide web have, since the mid 1990s, opened up a tremendous opportunity for self-expression for people, who can reach a global audience with little barrier to entry. The opportunity, however, has exposed children and minors to content that is potentially harmful to them. There are several kinds of content that could be harmful. The most often discussed is, obviously, pornography. But also harmful can be excessive violence, weapons, drugs, hate speech, suicide, or other similar materials. It's important to understanding that there are layers of interpretation that can make material seem harmful. Pornography is usually objected to in terms of sexually explicit content, such as nudity or specific acts. Child pornography is the most legally objectionable, because its very production violates the legal consent of a minor. Sexuality as a subject matter from an intellectual perspective is generally much more acceptable, but some parents will object to the idea that their children can even these materials posted by attention-seeking adults without supervision. Content might be objectively acceptable but capable of being interpreted as an invitation, enticement or solicitation to others (especially minors) to commit unlawful acts. Also, there are various kinds of content that raise issues. The most obvious are images and videos, but sometimes text itself raises issues. Content could be posted on personal websites and domains, social networking sites, message boards, user groups, or chat rooms. Content could be shared through peer-to-peer networks.


The VRATING Safe Internet Content Rating (S.I.C.R) system it is NOT censorship, is a method of giving Internet users an idea of the suitability of a site contents for children and/or adults.
The process of rating is quite simple.

Site contents are rated and self-regulated by the Internet users.

A single rating is usually set per individual website.

How do I use VRATING S.I.C.R for my website

You need to copy and paste the code below in your web pages, better were is visible.

here is the code:

VRATING S.I.C.R system is free and you don't have to pay for it. Enjoy!

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