There’s never been a better way to:

  • Track online visitors realtime
  • Analize traffic on your web site
  • check visited pages by day month & year
  • Analyze your visitors preferences
  • Improve your site in a easy way

˝All you need is VSTATS˝

VSTATS - Web Statistics & Web Analytics tools

>>Help your online visitors find what they need, before they leave your site.

>>Add the human touch to your website.

>>Provide real-time problem resolution.

>>Provide traffic measurement services with online and email reporting

>>search engine traffic measurement

>>web site design and usability analysis

>>Real time visitor tracking & hits analysis

>>100% web based! No software download or installation needed

>>Simply copy/paste HTML code to your webpages

Product Information

VSTATS the All-In-One tool offering a complete tracking system to measure your web traffic and analyse your site performance in a EASY way!

Features & benefits

  • view online visitors Operating System
  • view online visitors Browser Type
  • view online visitors Language
  • view online visitors preferred page
  • view from where they came from
  • view what they are looking for
  • Analize Google search keywords
  • Trend Analysis
  • Conversion Analysis
  • Advertising Campaign Tracking and ROI
  • SERD (site ranking)

more about VSTATS

Trend Analysis
  • How is my site going...
  • How are my affiliated sites going...
  • How are the Search Engines working for me....
  • ...compared to yesterday, last week and before?
Conversion Analysis
  • Which Search Engines are generating more sales?
  • Which are the keywords generating the higher number of information requests?
  • Which are the affiliated sites resulting in more orders?
Advertising Campaign Tracking and ROI
  • How many sales are your Ad Campaigns generating?
  • Which is the most effective Ad Campaign?
  • Which is the search term on Google AdWords generating the higher number of customers?
SERD (Search Engine Ranking Detecting)
  • How can you measure your site visibility on the major seach engines?
  • Can your site ranking be exactly checked?
  • How effective are your actions to get a better site ranking?

VSTATS comes in bundle with Live Support

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